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about mass machine nutrition1 The Mass Machine® Nutrition StoryThank you for visiting the Mass Machine® Nutrition web site. I am extremely proud to offer the highest-quality, scientifically-advanced sports nutrition products available on of the market today.

My #1 goal is to provide you with outstanding quality and service. To make sure that happens, I promise to use the very same intense passion, dedicated work ethic, and extreme focus that made me a six-time National Champion bodybuilder and effective coach to thousands of people all over the world.

I also want to thank YOU for helping me create this sports nutrition company. Your tremendous support and investment into my DVDs, books, audio seminar courses, and coaching programs for many years is what has fueled the launch of this company.

The creation of MvM Nutrition LLC is the result of my methodical, well-planned 20-year vision. MVM Nutrition LLC includes my two sports nutrition product lines:

Mass Machine® Nutrition is engineered for dedicated bodybuilders and advanced fitness enthusiasts striving to build muscle and lose body fat.

MANformation® Nutrition is designed for men who are striving to improve their overall level of health and fitness, look and feel great, and do so in the context of a well-balanced life.

I mapped out this plan in four distinct phases:

Phase One – Walking the Walk

skip victory 201x300 The Mass Machine® Nutrition StoryPhase One was to take my own body to an outstanding level of development. I know the only way I could do this was by mastering how to use the most effective and efficient combination of training, eating, mental, and nutritional supplementation strategies. I realized a long time ago that I could not teach other people about bodybuilding and training with any credibility if I could not do it myself.

I am a six-time national drug-free bodybuilding champion and arguably the most-recognized drug-free bodybuilder in the world. Along this phase of my vision, I gathered an immense amount of practical knowledge, appreciation, and the best way to implement a nutritional supplement regimen.

I have built my physique with hard work and the consistent and meticulous use of nutritional supplements during my 20+ year bodybuilding and training career. I have always believed the right nutritional supplements will support the bodybuilder’s hard work in the gym and disciplined eating regimen, and gives him the edge he needs to build muscle, lose body fat, look great, and feel healthy.

When I was driving myself as hard as I did as a bodybuilder back then, I understood it was not the right time to start a business in the extremely competitive nutritional supplement market. I realized I first needed to finish Phases One, Two, and Three of my career and first lead by example.

Phase Two – Talking the Talk

Phase Two of my plan was to establish myself as an effective coach and respected leader who helps other people build muscle, lose body fat, earn the body that they really wanted, and enjoy the process along the way. I have communicated my positive message around the world for over 15 years in various formats. I have written 10 books and hundreds of articles in various bodybuilding magazines, produced seven DVDs and four audio seminar courses, personally coached hundreds of people around the world, and maintained an informational and inspirational internet web site.

Phase Three - Learn Every Aspect of the Supplement Industry and Master My Business Skills

Phase Three of my plan was to learn everything I could about the business end of the nutritional supplement industry. I have worked with and learned from several powerhouse supplement companies during my career. My marketing ability, business skills, and the experience I provided helped me earn a constant salary as a bodybuilder and spokesperson for over 15 years. And, yes. I used every product I said I did, used them the way I said I did, and believed every word of the endorsements I gave them.

Phase Four – Create the Very Best Sports Nutrition Company in the Industry

The creation of MvM Nutrition LLC is Phase Four of my long-term vision. I decided to take the bull by the horns and step up as a leader. I have assembled the very best team of experienced, competent, and proven experts to help build the very best sports nutrition company in the world.

skip and tony The Mass Machine® Nutrition StoryMy business partner, Tony Gabriele, is my longtime friend who I met when I was 13. As I was pursuing my bodybuilding and motivational speaking career, Tony became an extremely successful business man, owning and operating several businesses. He has 10 years of experience as a corporate lender; five years as President of an inline company called Senate; 10 years as owner of a clothing company called Temple Effectives, and eight years as an owner of the company called Aend Industries. Tony earned a BS Degree in Economics from Santa Clara University in 1984, an MBA Degree from the University of Virginia in 1990.

The extremely qualified product manufacturers and other team members that we’ve assembled assist us in offering the highest-quality, cutting-edge nutritional supplements to those people committed to developing their bodies to amazing levels.

You are the beneficiary of my years of work and patience. I waited until I could produce better, higher-quality products than the major supplement companies I represented in the past.

That time is NOW! THANK YOU for being a part of it!

 Train hard. Think BIG.


Skip La Cour

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